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Describes the available configuration options for a report.




Optional allowEditing

allowEditing: boolean

Use UIButton to show the edit toggle.

Specifiy whether the user shall be able to edit the report. If the user toggles the editing mode the reporting framework calls ReportConfiguration.toggleEditingCallback to inform you about enabled or disabled edit mode.

Optional allowTableView

allowTableView: boolean

Defines whether the reporting framework should allow the user to switch into a table view that shows the data of the report. If not specified the default value is true, so the table view will be allowed if not explicitly disabled.

Hint: In order to configure the table (e.g. initially visible columns) for the report use ReportConfiguration.tableConfigCallback

Optional export

export: { autoScale?: boolean; beforeExport?: (exportElement: HTMLElement) => HTMLElement | Promise<HTMLElement>; exportElementSelector?: string; fitHorizontally?: boolean; fitVertically?: boolean; format?: "a0" | "a1" | "a2" | "a3" | "a4" | "letter"; inputType?: "HTML" | "SVG"; orientation?: "portrait" | "landscape" }

The export options allow to influence the PDF or image export of a report.

Type declaration

  • Optional autoScale?: boolean

    autoScale has been renamed to fitHorizontally and will be removed in the near future.



  • Optional beforeExport?: (exportElement: HTMLElement) => HTMLElement | Promise<HTMLElement>

    This callback is invoked just before the report framework extracts the HTML from the report to export it as PDF or image. It allows to make adjustments to the HTML for exporting.

      • (exportElement: HTMLElement): HTMLElement | Promise<HTMLElement>
      • Parameters

        • exportElement: HTMLElement

        Returns HTMLElement | Promise<HTMLElement>

  • Optional exportElementSelector?: string

    CSS selector which specifies the DOM element whose contents should be extracted for export to PDF or image.

  • Optional fitHorizontally?: boolean

    fitHorizontally scales the content for PDF exports to fit it to the page width so that no content is cut off. It should not be enabled if the content is already responsive HTML.



  • Optional fitVertically?: boolean

    fitVertically scales the content for PDF exports to fit it to the page height so that the content fits on a single page.



  • Optional format?: "a0" | "a1" | "a2" | "a3" | "a4" | "letter"

    Paper format for PDF exports.



  • Optional inputType?: "HTML" | "SVG"

    The type of content that is extracted from the DOM to be exported. Default is HTML.

    Specify SVG if your report uses SVG elements for visualization.

  • Optional orientation?: "portrait" | "landscape"

    Paper orientation for PDF exports.



Optional facets

Multiple facets configurations (ReportFacetsConfig) can be provided in order to allow the user to filter different aspects of your report.

Optional menuActions

menuActions: { configureCallback?: () => void; customDropdowns?: CustomDropdown[]; showConfigure?: boolean }

Type declaration

  • Optional configureCallback?: () => void

    This callback is invoked whenever the user wants to see / change the reports configuration.

      • (): void
      • Returns void

  • Optional customDropdowns?: CustomDropdown[]

    Define custom dropdowns that are shown to the user and allow him or her to select different options that influcene how the report behaves or presents data.


    Use elements in the UI configuration instead.

  • Optional showConfigure?: boolean

    Does the report provide configuration possibilities. If true: There will be a configuration action shown to the user, that triggers [[ReportConfiguration.configureCallback]].



Optional reportViewCallback

reportViewCallback: (view: ViewResult) => void

This callback is invoked whenever the user changes the view of the report. It is also invoked, once the report view results are loaded during initialization.

In order to define which views should be available to the user, you can specify a Fact Sheet type via ReportConfiguration.reportViewFactSheetType.

Type declaration

Optional reportViewFactSheetType

reportViewFactSheetType: string

If defined the views that are applicable for this Fact Sheet type will be available for the user to be selected from a dropdown. Whenever the view is fetched from the backend the view data will be provided via ReportConfiguration.reportViewCallback.

Optional reportViewOption

reportViewOption: ViewOption

Additional options that can be provided for the view calculation.

Optional tableConfigCallback

tableConfigCallback: () => ReportTableConfig

This callback is invoked one time after the report has been initialised to get an initial, static configuration for the table. If the configuration is dynamic or computed asynchronously, LxCustomReportLib.ready needs to be used instead.

Type declaration

Optional toggleEditingCallback

toggleEditingCallback: (editingEnabled: boolean) => void

Use UIButton click callback to invoke an action for enable/disable.

This callback is invoked whenever the user enables or disables editing. The action to enable or disable editing is only visible when ReportConfiguration.allowEditing is set to true.

Type declaration

    • (editingEnabled: boolean): void
    • Parameters

      • editingEnabled: boolean

      Returns void

Optional ui

ui defines the configuration of the UI elements to be displayed around the report.



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