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Contains the configurations required to filter on a specific portion of the reports data.


  • ReportFacetsConfig



Optional attributes

attributes: string[]

The Fact Sheet attributes that should be queried from the backend. Example: attributes: ['type', 'displayName']

Complex attributes need a subquery: `attributes: ['tags { }']

Optional callback

callback: (data: any[]) => void

Type declaration

    • (data: any[]): void
    • Parameters

      • data: any[]

      Returns void

Optional defaultFilters

defaultFilters: FacetFilter[]

If defined these filters will be applied as initial default when the user enters the report.

Optional defaultPageSize

defaultPageSize: number

this parameter has no effect on the page size anymore.

Optional facetChangedCallback

facetChangedCallback: (facet: FacetFilter) => void

Called whenever a facet has changed


use facetFiltersChangedCallback() instead which is triggered on every facet change.

Type declaration

Optional facetFiltersChangedCallback

facetFiltersChangedCallback: (data: ReportFacetsSelection) => void

Type declaration

Optional fixedFactSheetType

fixedFactSheetType: string


key: string

Optional label

label: string

Optional sortings

sortings: Sorting[]


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